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Welcome to our visitors: Jesus Christ’s peace be with all of you


Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord (Deut. 6:4)

Welcome to the site of the Independent Evangelical Christian Church of Trapani and Erice.
The work of the church starts on the evangelistic initiative of Pastor Dino Cosenza (born again in 1975).
After five years of spiritual course, in 1980 he establishes the church located in via Antonino De Stefano, in the borough of Erice – hamlet Casa Santa- (Trapani).
The distinguishing element compared to the other Christian communities is the property of winning for Jesus those people’s hearts which were listening to the evangelic message for the first time.
Moreover, a less formal setting up was taking shape, by the incursion of redeeming moments of worship or healing and by the renunciation of customs and conceits become “traditions” by then (at least at that time).
Many servants have come out of our community, and also other churches spread in the province of Trapani as well as in Palermo, Savona and Verbania.
Our prayer to honor Jesus Christ’s message is for everybody.
After a remark (few years ago) of the group of the Young: ”We are a small community in Erice (Casa Santa), in the province of Trapani. Our aim is to testify to this town that Jesus Christ is living and present in the midst of us; we wish to be as a little light that can enlighten those hearts which haven’t yet known Jesus’ our redeemer’s salvific works”.

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Church’s profile


The independent Christian Evangelical Church of Trapani and Erice is associated to the M.I.E. (Italian Mission for the Gospel).
It proposes at least 4 meetings a week: 2 worship meetings, 1 biblical study and prayer, 1 music and singing.
Our church encourages the training of biblical classes (guided by some tutors) meeting home or in the church, the evangelization ( both individual and collective), the constitution of some new churches.

Solidarity is considered a main point of Christian evidence: listening to people and food giving.

Besides the Pastor, founder of the local church, many old, deacons and preachers have been constituted during the time.

 Anyway, a lot of the church’s activities revolve round the Choral (The Blue Sisters) and al Young Group.



There are six direct references out of the province:

- The Church of Domodossola (V.C.O. – Verbano Cusio Ossola),

responsible Pastor Giovanni Telesca;

- The Church of Palermo  via F. Palasciano n. 14/20;

referent Lilly Barberi;

- The missionary post in Savona,

referent Tony Oliva;

- The group of Tuscania,

referent Gionatan Cosenza;

- The missionary post in Como,

referents Pippo Colomba and Giacoma Ballarotta;

- The Church of Cittadella (Padova),

referent Dominga Antonello.

Italians abroad mission



- The missionary post in Colonia (G)

Bürgenzentrum Nippes Turm str 3-5

50733 Köln

referent Stefano D'Amico.

Tel. (0049) 15772366175



How to reach us

Our seat in Erice – Trapani is situated at the extreme West part of Sicily (I) and is reachable:

By train:

.........................Trapani’ s railway




By ship:

..........................Trapani’ s harbour

..........................Palermo’ s harbour + Km. 100


By bus:

..........................Trapani’ s bus station


By car:

..........................motorway A29

..........................S.P. 21 - S.S. 113

..........................S.S. 115 - S.S. 187


           By plane:

           ..........................Birgi airport + Km. 15

           ..........................Falcone and Borsellino airport + Km. 88




We propose you two well known links, useful to find our church (and more else):

After clicking on the chosen link, dial in the proper spaces the address of the church:

  • How to contact us:

  • Phone number:......(+39) 347 5987291

  • Address:.................Via dei Pescatori, 13 - 91016 ERICE (TP)

  • e-mail

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The so-called G12 is spreading lots of the faithful who refuse the news given themselves out to be some “revelations” and is going on to sow doubts and uncertainties.
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A cry to all the pastors of G12:

...come back to the past simplicity...!

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