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Pastore Dino Cosenza:

C'è una corrispondenza che mi perviene dall'Italia e dall'estero, molto mi arriva dai Paesi di lingua Ispanica d'oltreoceano, ma anche corrispondenza in lingua inglese. Sarà gradita la collaborazione nella traduzione.



Qualcuno può dare informazioni sul testo che segue???


Da: autoedition.meguila []
Inviato: lunedì 23 novembre 2009 16.22
Oggetto: Rotation of the Sun around the Earth in the Bible OR: Mistranslation?


Rotation of the Sun around the Earth in the Bible OR: Mistranslation?

“One day, the whole Church: Catholics, Protestants and Evangelical Assemblies, will have to be willing to make their translations of the Bible agree with the original Texts”.

It is my pleasure to inform you of my Biblical study that I have entitled in French ENTRE GALILÉE ET L’ÉGLISE : LA BIBLE. I have translated it into English (Between Galileo and the Church : the Bible) and Spanish. Only the French version is published for the moment.
I studied this subject referring to the original Texts of the Bible - in Hebrew, for the Old Testament, and in Greek, for the New Testament. And in this study, I demonstrate that in these Texts the Sun does not turn around the Earth, contrary to what the Versions of the Bible assert.
In other words, if the Translations of the Bible had been faithful to the original Texts, Galileo would not have been condemned for “having held and believed a doctrine which is false and contrary to the divine and Holy Scriptures”.
This is, in a few words, the content of this book.
In my work, I seek to show that not only did this mistranslation wrongly involve the Bible in the condemnation of the Scientist but that it also regrettably brought discredit onto this Holy Book. This important fact cannot be neglected.
According to the conclusions I am able to draw from the many discussions and large correspondance I have had over the last few years, it appears that generally there is a refusal to measure faithfully this discordance between the original Texts of the Bible and their translations.
Publishers carry out revisions of their versions with the help of specialists in old languages and, most of the time, they replace right words or right expressions with other words which are more appropriate or less appropriate - they also use words more current today. But, I cannot fail to note that nobody seems willing to correct these mistranslations which participated in the unjust trial of the astronomer Galileo.
I have been publishing this work for 6 years and I can assert that, to this day, no one has contested my semantic study. On the contrary, I have received precious words of encouragement from those who have read it. This book has been read and approved by experts in Hebrew and Greek. Hence the necessity of returning to the source of the Writings.
When the Lord Jesus said to his Father: " Your word is Truth" (John 17: 17), He referred to the original Texts. So, why do most people today refuse even to consider them and, consequently, persist in this error?
It is admitted that in the official Churches and Assemblies the knowledge of the original languages of the Bible has decreased. But people can call upon those who have a real knowledge of these languages.
My goal is clear. I want Christians to take their share of responsibility. If my study is erroneous, I should be put straight, but if it is right, it must be taken into account.
I would be very grateful if you were willing to inform your friends, so that they can consider the problem with care.
For more details concerning the study, please consult my web sites

I am at your disposal to answer any question concerning my study.
Yours faithfully.

Joël Col


Il Oggi Sposi








Con il riconoscimento ministeriale i pastori (divenuti così ministri di culto) possono celebrare il matrimonio religioso valido a tutti gli effetti civili.

La libertà religiosa nel nostro Paese è stata una valida conquista civile ... ora sarà necessario riconquistare i valori fondamentali del matrimonio.



per la celebrazione dei matrimoni, (richieste provenienti da diverse parti dell'Italia), si comunica che, nonostante la generale disponibilità  del past. Dino Cosenza, è necessario prendere i necessari accordi in tempo utile.

Dio vi benedica.

                                                                                                              LA SEGRETERIA DELLA CHIESA



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Ultimo aggiornamento: 21-11-18

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